Let's dive into Wolfoo's countless entertaining and educational content - from videos, songs, games,... and make preschool moments fun!

With Wolfoo World, learning is a joyful experience. Through funny stories with colorful animations, children could take their first steps in exploring the world & learning how to be a good person.


From the mischievous and playful Wolfoo himself to his loyal friends and quirky companions, each character in this whimsical world exudes charm and charisma.


- Personality: Energetic, eager to learn, enjoys helping others, loves and cares for his younger sibling.
- Wolfoo always has faith in a beautiful, loving world. His weakness is being fame-seeking and caring about appearance.
- Characteristics: Good at sniffing, idolizes Superman, has a immature howl.


Wolfoo's younger sister - 3 years old
- Personality: Playful, often throw a tantrum, enjoys teasing her older brother Wolfoo but dislikes it when others tease him.
- Characteristics: Likes to have tea parties and plays with her Elsa doll.

Mrs. Wolf

Wolfoo's mom
- Occupation: Homemaker, flower gardening, selling flowers, and handmade items.
- Personality: Capable, tender, skilled with her hands, excellent cook
- Characteristics: Stern when teaching Wolfoo.

Mr. Wolf

Wolfoo's dad
- Occupation: Construction engineer
- Personality: Cheerful, enjoys playing with Wolfoo. Skilled in his profession but clumsy in other matters.


Wolfoo's best friend - 5 years old
- Personality: Loves to eat, loves to sleep, clumsy (often causing trouble), mischievous, always optimistic even in dangerous situations. Often competes with Wolfoo.
- Characteristics: Likes apples, tends to think and move slower than others.

Pando's mom

- Occupation: Homemaker.
- Personality: Elegant (often indulges in beauty routines, applying face masks, cucumbers, etc.), enjoys jewelry and shopping.

Pando's dad

- Occupation: 5-star chef.
- Personality: Playful (jovial), childlike, enjoys teasing Pando, loves gourmet food, enjoys presenting visually appealing dishes (Other families often like to visit Pando's house on weekends for dinner parties)


Wolfoo's best friend - 5 years old
- Personality: Intelligent, a precocious child, strong-willed, calm (but may cry if her favorite toy is taken); Knowledgeable but not perfect. Acts as a referee for Wolfoo and Pando.
- Characteristics: Pushes glasses while thinking, afraid of mice. Enjoys singing but isn't a great singer. Often takes out books to research when encountering difficult situations.

Kat's mom

- Occupation: Teacher.
- Personality: Exemplary educator, knowledgeable, cheerful, loves her students.
- Characteristics: A loyal customer of Wolfoo's mom.

Kat's dad

- Occupation: Scientist (Inventor and owner of various modern gadgets)
- Personality: Serious, enjoys scientific research, and doesn't care much about anything else.
- Characteristics: Appears disheveled when he shows up, then startles and brushes off to be neat. Often glassy due to deep concentration.


Wolfoo's friend - 5 years old
- Personality: Loves to eat, loves to sleep (competes with Pando in eating and sleeping), silly (but smarter than Pando), often pretends to be dangerous, naughty and mischievous.
- Characteristics: Piggy often has a soft spot for Kat..

Piggy's mom

- Occupation: Saleswoman (sells everything)
- Personality: Shrewish, when her products aren't selling, she often goes out to do sales for other households to make a sale.

Piggy's dad

- Occupation: Owner of a toy manufacturing workshop in the city
- Personality: Generous, cheerful, often gives children small toys, but still very strict in teaching them good lessons.


Wolfoo's friend - 5 years old
- Personality: Very mischievous, often bullies friends (Piggy's big brother).
- Characteristics: Strong, likes rap, hip-hop, and often wears headphones.

Bufo's dad

- Occupation: Police officer
- Personality: Strict, disciplined, likes to do his job well. Afraid of his wife.
- Characteristics: Always appears with a STOP sign.


Wolfoo's friend - 5 years old
- Personality: Introverted (prefers to play alone), often worried, prone to being bullied. Very knowledgeable about the underground world, often acts as a guide for friends when exploring the underground.
- Characteristics: When their friends are placed in overly difficult situations, Moly becomes the "FINAL BOSS" to solve the problem.


Having special abilities. Always be curious about everything on Earth. Usually appears when Wolfoo is in danger & fires the signal.


Good at magic, often go performing.

Dr. Doe

- Occupation: Doctor Doe is in charge of consulting and treating illnesses for everyone in Wolfoo's Village.
Personality: Cheerful, empathetic, patient, careful (She is always the one to engage in conversations, offering enthusiastic, thorough advice on health, and good lifestyle habits for everyone).


- Occupation: Thief
- Characteristic: Being a negative character, appearing in situations that show bad actions (kidnapping, robbing, stealing, seducing children...)

Mr. Zebra

Doing all jobs, happy, friendly, kind.


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