The animated film “WOLFOO AND THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND” from the Wolfoo Series, produced entirely by WOA Network team, will officially hit the big screen on October 13, 2023.

Launched in 2018, the image of Wolfoo wolf in Wolfoo Series has quickly achieved success and the attention of a large audience on the Youtube platform with 3 diamond buttons, 2 billion monthly views, and many times entering the Top 50 YouTube channels with the most views. Wolfoo Series is a high-end series animation product line, upgraded in quality based on the Wolfoo short series to meet a variety of audience needs.

This October, Wolfoo Series will officially hit the big screen with the movie “WOLFOO AND THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND”, marking an important milestone on the journey to bring the character Wolfoo closer to children.

The movie “WOLFOO AND THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND” revolves around the 8-year-old main character, Wolfoo, a cheerful and kind little wolf who loves to explore. Accompanying Wolfoo is her mischievous 6-year-old sister Lucy, who often acts spoiled but loves her brother very much. The story begins when two brothers Wolfoo and Lucy are sucked into a necklace and come to the Spirit World – an incredibly magical world. At Spirit World, an unexpected incident caused the two brothers to be separated. In his journey to find his sister, Wolfoo was accidentally caught up in a fierce struggle against the army of demons – led by Demon Lord Bane – ruling Mystic Island.

Not only is it a pure adventure story with entertaining moments, but the film also brings valuable lessons about creativity, courage and love, helping children to inspire emotional development is the connection between relatives, between people, and moreover, a lesson in solidarity and altruism.

▶︎ The film is expected to premiere on October 13, 2023 at CGV theaters and others

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